10 Proud Mommies and their Puppies

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Happy Mother's Day! There's nothing stronger than the bond between a Mother and her pups. They come in all shapes and sizes but the love they share is always the same.

Here are some of the best snaps of some of the proudest Doggy Mommy's out there...

Look what I made!

Proud corgi mom


Feeding time!

collie moms


Come on, Mommy... I wanna play!

puppy poking mommy


Yay, Walkies!



Thanks, Mommy!hug mommy dog


But you promised you'd play...

husky play puppy


All this play time is making us sleepy!

husky sleeping pups


At long last, they're asleep!

pug puppies sleeping


Feeling proud...

proud mommy dog


I just had to get them all new hats!

hats on doggies


Happy Mother's day, everyone! We hope you and your doggy are enjoying this special day with your family.

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